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Category Archives: Criminal Defense

Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion

When Law Enforcement Asks to Search Your Vehicle Have you ever been pulled over by a traffic cop? Did he ask you if it was alright to search your vehicle? Understand that in most situations, it’s the driver themselves who have given police officers a right to search them simply by giving verbal consent. If… […]

Weapons Charges as an Enhanced Penalty

New Jersey Takes Weapon Crimes Very Seriously When someone commits a crime with a weapon, they may be subject to additional penalties. Law enforcement in New Jersey takes weapon crimes especially seriously as they have the ability to cause harm or death. At The Law Office of Stephen R. Piper, LLC, we can represent those… […]

Breathalyzer Test – Do I Have A Right To Refuse In NJ?

Suppose you have imbibed in alcohol at a local bar or at a friend’s house and now you are faced with the challenge of deciding how you will make it home. One option is driving your own car, which you used to get to the bar or friend’s house, home. The other option is taking… […]

Reasons To Expunge A Criminal Record

Being convicted of a crime or merely being arrested for a crime can have unexpected, long-lasting adverse effects on people’s lives. This is because records of convictions or arrests are public record, and, therefore, can be seen by anyone who does any background research at all on a person. In New Jersey, there is a… […]

What Can a Defense Attorney Do for You?

When faced with the prospect of life-altering criminal charges in New Jersey, for some individuals, it may seem like an obvious decision to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. However, there are plenty of individuals who question what benefits a defense attorney can bring to the table. Fortunately for defendants, the list of benefits is… […]


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