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Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Protects Your Rights And Fights For Your Freedom When You Are Facing New Jersey Drug Charges

When you or someone you love is facing serious drug charges, it’s likely you know exactly what’s at stake. Depending on the specifics of the circumstances, a New Jersey drug crime conviction can result in considerable prison time, exorbitant fines and a criminal record that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

At my Moorestown law firm, The Law Offices of Stephen R. Piper, I defend people against all forms of felony and misdemeanor drug charges. I am attorney Stephen R. Piper, and I am ready to thoroughly review your case, answer all your questions and explain your rights. I will fight tirelessly to protect your freedom and will mount a case on your behalf to achieve the best possible results, given your situation.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights Drug Charges In Camden County, New Jersey

As a former Camden County assistant prosecutor, I know what the state must do to conduct a proper search and seizure. I also know that mistakes made by law enforcement when it comes to following New Jersey’s strict protocols on search and seizure often become the central focus of an effective defense to a drug charge. You can rest assured that I will put my experience to work for you as I conduct a thorough investigation into your case, looking into every aspect of police procedure as I build your defense.

If you are facing charges relating to any drug crime, including any narcotics such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines as well as prescription drugs, you need an aggressive lawyer fighting for your future. Contact my firm about any drug charges, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Distribution
  • Intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking

Depending on the particular drug charge you are facing, consequences can be extremely life-altering. Compounding the seriousness of drug charges is the fact that you may be facing additional penalties relating to:

  • Possession or possession with intent to distribute drugs within a school zone or other public property
  • Second offenses: If this is your second or subsequent drug offense, the penalties associated with conviction will increase and be exponentially more severe.
  • Involvement of weapons: If you were found in possession of a weapon at the time you were caught with drugs, you may be facing additional time behind bars as well as the limited ability to get released on parole.

Alternative Sentencing Options Exist For Convicted Drug Offenders In New Jersey

Drug court: This program focuses on rehabilitation and treatment for drug offenders. It is meant to be a combination of therapy provided by drug treatment professionals and the criminal justice system. This program includes counseling, frequent drug testing and several follow-up court appearances. If accepted into this program, failure to follow all guidelines will result in a defendant being remanded into police custody. Drug court may be an option for repeat offenders or those facing first- or second-degree drug distribution charges. Additionally, if you have been charged with a drug crime that is not considered violent, drug court may be an option for you. If there is the possibility of a lengthy prison term, I may suggest having your drug charge case heard in drug court.

Pretrial intervention: This is an alternative sentencing program designed to handle cases involving defendants charged with less serious crimes. It essentially diverts cases away from the criminal court. If accepted into pretrial intervention (PTI), a defendant sidesteps traditional prosecution and can avoid incarceration. However, while in the PTI program, a defendant must agree to certain conditions, such as drug treatment and making restitution for crimes committed. If the participant follows through on all commitments and completed PTI, charges will be dismissed. If the program is not completed properly, defendants are subject to the customary criminal process.

Generally speaking, defendants charged with violent crimes, those with prior convictions, anyone charged with organized crime activities and public officials accused of abusing their positions are not eligible for the PTI program. Speak to me to learn whether PTI is right for you.

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If you or someone you love is facing criminal drug charges in New Jersey, it’s important you take your situation extremely seriously. Failure to hire the right lawyer can result in conviction and extreme consequences. Find out how I will put my experience to work for you.

My time in the Camden County prosecutor’s office taught me that there are available defense strategies for individuals charged with drug crimes. The tenacity of the defense lawyer can make a difference between whether a defendant gets acquitted or sent to jail. Make the right choice. Email me or call The Law Offices of Stephen R. Piper at 856-333-3586 today to find out how I will defend you against your serious drug charges.

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