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Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer Protects You Against Improper Search And Seizure By Law Enforcement In South Jersey

New Jersey has a number of laws that determine how police and federal investigators can collect evidence. When law enforcement fails to follow proper search and seizure procedures, the evidence collected cannot be used in court. If you are a victim of improper search and seizure by police in Camden County or anywhere in New Jersey, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will do everything possible to protect your legal rights.

At The Law Offices of Stephen R. Piper, LLC, I defend people against illegal searches and seizures. I am Stephen R. Piper, an attorney with more than 22 years of military service as a former officer and pilot in the Navy and Air Force Reserves. For almost three years, I flew hundreds of combat missions during active duty deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. I take the rights and constitutional privileges of Americans extremely seriously. When your legal rights have been violated by improper search and seizure, no lawyer in New Jersey will fight harder to defend you.

Defending Clients Impacted By Illegal Search And Seizure

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution as well as provisions in the New Jersey State Constitution, protects individuals from unreasonable search and seizure. If a police officer, state trooper or federal law enforcement officer searches your property (your person, your bag, your car, your house) without a valid search warrant that is supported by probable cause, then the evidence collected often may not be used against you in court.

In many instances, law enforcement officials make errors when attempting to collect evidence. If a mistake is made early in the process, it could be a sign of other flaws in the investigation. You can rely on me to review every aspect of the law enforcement procedures and investigation that led to your charges. If there are any discrepancies or problems with procedure found, rest assured, I will seek immediate dismissal of evidence and possibly the entire case against you.

Vehicle stops: In order to search your car, police must have probable cause to stop you in the first place. Secondly, they must have a valid reason to actually search your car. Sometimes the issue of probable cause comes into question because a police officer takes action based on their own judgment. Police officers are not always correct in the decisions they make. For example, you may be pulled over for a minor infraction such as having a taillight out. A police officer approaches your car and smells something they believe gives them probable cause to search your car. I can find holes in that officer’s logic and assert that there was no probable cause to conduct the vehicle search.

Property searches: While you have the right to refuse consent regarding the search of your property, the police do not always need a warrant to conduct a proper search and seizure. In many cases, evidence in plain sight is enough for probable cause. It’s important to note as well that, if an officer approaches your house without a warrant and you tell them they may not enter your property, they must leave. If they don’t, any evidence collected would not be allowed into evidence in a case against you.

If you believe that your constitutional rights have been violated, talk to me about your concerns. I will help you determine whether you were the victim of an illegal search and seizure.

Contact A Savvy Criminal Defense Lawyer About Improper Police Conduct

When building your defense, it is necessary to explore every possible defense to the charges. If you have been the victim of an illegal search and seizure, you can rely on me to fight for your rights. I will file a motion to suppress the evidence so it cannot be used against you in your case.

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