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Criminal Lawyer Aggressively Defends Clients Facing Domestic Violence Charges In Camden County And Across South Jersey

When you are charged with domestic violence or are facing the possibility of a restraining order that will keep you from seeing your children and living in your own home, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will safeguard your reputation and fight tirelessly to discredit the charges against you.

I am criminal defense attorney Stephen R. Piper. I represent many domestic violence cases because of my unique position of being an experienced former Camden County assistant prosecutor and my family law practice.

I have been fighting for many years on behalf of clients who face serious criminal charges in New Jersey, including domestic violence and child endangerment offenses. Call The Law Offices of Stephen R. Piper for a free consultation about your charges. Start your defense and get a lawyer who will make your fight his fight.

Why Choose Me To Fight Your Domestic Violence Charges

If you have been charged with a crime related to domestic violence or a temporary restraining order has been placed against you, contact my office today. Judges are frequently confronted with little evidence and conflicting stories in domestic violence restraining orders. You need an attorney who can sort through the facts quickly and apply the law so that the judge knows what really happened. Hiring a seasoned domestic violence defense lawyer is your best chance of convincing the judge not to issue a final restraining order (FRO).

Final restraining order hearings and domestic violence trials are a particular hybrid of criminal law and family law. What can frequently start out as a simple verbal argument can lead to police action, criminal charges, temporary restraining orders (TRO) and FROs. You need to know the consequences of these serious charges, which can include:

  • Substantial rights involving your right to see or support your children can be decided in domestic violence hearings if people are not properly represented. This is especially true if this action is a prelude to a divorce action.
  • In addition, there are important ways a finding of domestic violence can permanently affect a person’s employment.

It is vitally important that you are represented by an aggressive criminal defense lawyer at any domestic violence hearing.

I will aggressively defend you against your domestic violence charges. I am an experienced family law attorney and a former Camden County prosecutor. My unique background is essential to success during any restraining order or domestic violence hearing.

Contact A Lawyer Who Will Fight Your Final Restraining Order

Although the process may have begun without a lawyer, many people need the assistance of counsel for a final hearing. In obtaining a final order, there is a wealth of case law surrounding properly preparing the petition that may impact the evidence you are allowed to offer. Although the temporary order was granted, there may need to be modifications made to the petition in order to present the relevant evidence.

The standard for obtaining a final order is also different from that of obtaining a temporary order, which can oftentimes be confusing. In cases when there are children and/or property involved, the final hearing may also address important issues such as child support, visitation, limitations on contacting other family members or children, who gets to reside in the shared residence, who is responsible for expenses and who can use which vehicles.

Clients are often surprised that the restraining order is so much more than simply a “no contact” order. In many cases, the existence of a restraining order may also impact employment. There is a prohibition against firearms, which is part of every restraining order and is significant in certain jobs. In some cases, the mere granting of a restraining order means immediate termination.

Hearings on final restraining orders happen quickly, so it is important that you contact a lawyer right away. I have reviewed thousands of police reports and cross-examined hundreds of witnesses to find the truth when individuals were falsely accused. Unlike most divorce lawyers, I was an assistant prosecutor in Camden, New Jersey, and I have won criminal jury trials as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney.

At my Moorestown, New Jersey, office, I represent and assist clients in both obtaining and defending restraining orders. If you are thinking about obtaining an order, I will work with you to make sure the process is done correctly and safely.

Call Today For A Free Consultation With A Battle-Tested Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Will Fight Your New Jersey Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence cases are rarely cut and dry. Given the broad definition of domestic abuse, a threatening text message, an angry phone call or even words exchanged in an argument may be considered cause for domestic violence charges and a restraining order in New Jersey. Moreover, if you were drinking or under the influence of drugs, your judgment may be called into question and result in a life-altering restraining order.

These cases often become “he said, she said” situations. You need a lawyer with my experience and insight who will provide an aggressive defense strategy for you. Further, since domestic altercations often lead to or are the result of divorce issues, I am an experienced family lawyer who can help you with your divorce matter as well. Contact me today for a free initial phone consultation by calling 856-333-3586.