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Aggressive White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Safeguards Clients’ Reputations And Rights In Camden County, New Jersey

While the short-term penalties associated with a state or federal white collar crime conviction – prison, stiff fines and public humiliation – are severe, the long-term consequences may be life-altering. Depending on the particular circumstances that led to your charges and conviction, you may lose your professional license, which will prevent you from earning a living in your chosen field. Your family may suffer irreparable damage from your incarceration and the effects of your destroyed reputation.

When you are facing white collar criminal charges, waste no time in hiring a hard-hitting, knowledgeable white collar defense lawyer like me, Stephen R. Piper. I will do everything in my power to fight your charges and keep you out of prison. Additionally, many white collar cases attract attention. I will work tirelessly to make sure your case is tried in a courtroom, not by the media.

Equipped To Handle Your Complex Case

Defending against financial crimes is very different from drug crimes or violent crimes. It is important for your lawyer to have a clear understanding of accounting and financial analysis to determine whether the prosecution will be able to prove every element of its case.

Every criminal charge presents a unique set of challenges and options for the defense. This is especially true for federal charges. When you are facing federal criminal charges, you want an attorney who has experience defending people in federal court. I have successfully defended countless clients against charges at the federal level, including those involving drug trafficking, mail fraud, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and corporate embezzlement.

The federal court system presents a system of rules and guidelines that are unique from New Jersey state and municipal courts. Handling federal criminal defense litigation requires an understanding of the different rules of evidence, different sentencing guidelines and different laws that apply. I know how the federal court system works, and I am ready to help you build the best possible defense to federal charges including drug trafficking, drug smuggling and human trafficking activities.

In addition to the different laws and investigative bodies you will face, federal judges are limited by strict sentencing guidelines. There are fewer opportunities to reduce the charges and find alternative sentencing options for federal drug crimes. It takes an aggressive, knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to fight federal charges.

As a former Camden County assistant prosecutor, I have a unique vantage point when it comes to building winning defense strategies. I understand how the prosecution builds its cases, and I will use that insight when defending you. When you hire me, you can rest assured that I will do everything possible to get your charges reduced or dismissed and minimize the potential consequences as I fight to protect your rights.

Common New Jersey And Federal White Collar Charges

I understand that even one poor judgment call can lead an upstanding person into a situation they can’t get out of alone. Before they know it, they are in too deep, and the result is often serious white collar criminal charges. These can include:

  • Fraud: Charges relating to fraudulent schemes can be levied on individuals or businesses. For example, a business may attempt to purposefully deceive customers or a person can write bad checks in an effort to obtain goods without payment. Insurance fraud, credit card fraud, Social Security fraud, health care fraud and corporate fraud are some of the common schemes that result in white collar charges.
  • Racketeering, money laundering and counterfeiting: While these charges used to be synonymous with the Mafia (creating a need for the RICO Act), racketeering charges are now levied on any person or illegal business that uses a legitimate organization to carry out illegal financial crimes.
  • Embezzlement: If you are given the authority to manage another person’s money, you are in a position of legal trust. If you violate that trust and you steal money, you may face charges of embezzlement. This charge may also apply to someone of authority within a business. For example, if a CFO skims money from company profits, that may be considered embezzlement.
  • Computer crimes: People and companies rely on computers for countless activities. Numerous types of illegal hacking activities may result in computer-related criminal charges. When someone obtains information from an unauthorized computer, it may be considered criminal activity.
  • Identity theft: If a person uses another person’s identifying information (signature, Social Security number, credit card, bank account numbers) to commit fraud or theft, identity theft charges are likely.

If you are facing charges stemming from any illegal financial activity, you owe it to yourself and your family to do everything to fight these charges.

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