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Experienced South Jersey Divorce Lawyer Representing Clients In Burlington, Camden, Gloucester And Cumberland Counties And Beyond

A divorce can be a bitter battle or the quiet legal conclusion of a relationship that actually ended years ago. Whether your situation is volatile or businesslike, it is important to protect your interests in divorce and associated family law issues.

A South Jersey Divorce Lawyer You Can Rely On

I am attorney Stephen R. Piper, and I have nearly 20 years of experience helping clients through the process of divorce in Camden and Burlington counties New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and the surrounding area. If the time has come to make this change, please contact my firm, The Law Offices of Stephen R. Piper, LLC, online.

I handle divorces ranging from straightforward, amicable cases to those involving intense disputes over child custody and parenting time, alimony, division of millions of dollars in marital assets and other issues. I provide practical, informed guidance and prioritize achieving my clients’ most important goals. While I resolve the great majority of divorce cases through negotiation or mediation, I have also successfully tried many jury and nonjury cases.

Get The Facts

Whether to divorce is a big decision. The financial and personal consequences can last a lifetime. It’s important to protect your rights and understand how actions today can affect you and your children in the future.

Even if you are just considering divorce, it is wise to discuss your options with a skilled divorce lawyer. Do not rely on the stories your friends or family members tell about their experiences. Your circumstances are unique. And please do not attempt a do-it-yourself divorce option. Attempts to save money upfront can be much more costly in the end.

Your future, the lives of your children and your financial stability are all at stake in a divorce. It is important to get accurate information so you can make wise choices. I can explain your options. If you retain me as your divorce lawyer, I can resolve all issues properly the first time so that you do not face further divorce-related legal problems in the future.

I will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and ask about your goals in the divorce, such as:

  1. Are you a dependent spouse who is concerned about how you will survive financially after the divorce?
  2. Are you a business owner who is concerned about how a divorce will impact the future ownership and operation of your company?
  3. Are you a parent who is afraid the other party will not allow you access to your children?
  4. Are you a member of the military who is worried about how a divorce will affect your relationship with your command?
  5. Have you put off divorce because the idea of dividing your assets seems overwhelming?
  6. Are you the victim of domestic violence and are concerned about your own safety and that of your children?

Whatever your specific circumstances, I can help. I will explain your legal options and give you my best legal advice on how to achieve your goals. Throughout the process, you will remain in charge of your divorce. You will be able to make informed decisions based on your own values and priorities.

Take The First Step Toward A Brighter Tomorrow

Divorce is never easy, but the attorney you select can make all the difference in the life you and your children lead after the divorce. To arrange a consultation, please contact The Law Offices of Stephen R. Piper, LLC, online or call me at 856-333-3586.

From my offices in Moorestown, New Jersey, I represent clients in Camden, Burlington, Gloucester and Cumberland counties and throughout South Jersey as well as in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania.