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How Does Divorce Affect Military Pensions?

Whether you are the serving military member or a military spouse in a divorce, very few people know how the asset separation of a divorce can affect a military pension. Because a pension has such a major influence on a person’s life, it is important to know what to expect and how to prepare for it.

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How The Pension Splits

Most property that a couple acquires during the course of the marriage are typically “shared assets,” meaning each spouse has an equitable share of them, and a pension is no exception. The pension the serving spouse earns while married can be subject to equitable distribution, which can make dividing this asset complicated. The military spouse can keep their entire pension only through complex negotiations with the other party and an evaluation of other assets the parties may own.

Suppose the nonmilitary spouse does not address the pension during asset division. In that case, they may miss out on their share of the benefit without any opportunity to earn it back after they finalize their divorce. A motion to divide omitted assets can help you, but that is often a lengthy and complicated procedure to pursue.

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