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Category Archives: DWI Offenses

DUI In New Jersey: Charges & Consequences

DUI Overview In New Jersey (and all other states), it is illegal to operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. State law enforcement takes drunk driving very seriously and if convicted, the consequences can be severe, including fines, license suspension, and even jail time. Here is a short guide to determining… […]

Car Insurance and DUI Related Accidents

When you have been involved in a DUI car accident there are many stressful and unfortunate issues that you will end up having to deal with with serious injuries and possible jail time being at the top of the list. One thing that may not jump out to you at first is the effect that… […]

New Jersey Laws and Penalties for Underage DUI/DWI Cases

The federal drinking age is 21 and that law is in place for drinking, possessing, as well as the purchasing of any alcohol. Underage drinking is not only illegal in this country but it is also a serious and dangerous crime especially when it comes to them being behind the wheel of a vehicle. It… […]

Drunk Driving Is a Crime in New Jersey – and Drunk Droning Might Be Too

While most New Jersey residents know that they could face serious consequences if they’re convicted of drunk driving or drunk boating, few realize that they can also face penalties even if they have two feet planted firmly on the ground. Under a bill that was recently approved 65-0 in the NJ state legislature, operating a… […]

New Jersey Man is Charged with DWI After Searching for His Vehicle

A New Jersey man was charged with a DWI after he went to the Belle Mead township police station to find his car. He thought the car was towed by the police department, so he used a friend’s car to go there. After his arrival at the police headquarters, he showed symptoms of intoxication. He… […]


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