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What to Expect After A First-Time DUI Charge

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2020 | DWI Offenses, Firm News

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A DUI offense in New Jersey can complicate your life in many ways. In addition to the expensive court costs and fees, you could also be met with potential jail time or a permanent criminal record. Navigating a DUI offense in New Jersey can be confusing, but knowing what to expect and taking certain steps can help to protect your future.

Potential Consequences of a DUI in New Jersey

It can be helpful to look at the potential consequences that you could face with a DUI charge. These include:

  • License suspension
  • Fines between $750- $1,000
  • Up to 30 days of jail time
  • Required attendance in an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center
  • $1,000 per year fees
  • Required installation of an ignition interlock system

Depending on your career or school goals, a DUI could also impact your options. The legal consequences of a DUI offense vary, depending on details of the arrest and whether the driver is a first-time offender. The court is more likely to reduce or dismiss charges of a first-time offender than they are of a repeat offender with multiple occurrences of DUI charges.

When to Fight a DUI Offense

Many drivers know that disputing a charge in court is an option, but many do not know when it is appropriate to do so. In most cases, it is always a good idea to fight a DUI offense. It is possible that your case could be dropped based on a police technicality. Additionally, the worse that can happen, is that the court will refuse to drop the charge. Consulting with a DUI lawyer can help you better understand your options.

Prepare For Your DUI Case

It is also a good idea to prepare for your DUI case ahead of time. The judge will ask you certain questions and how you answer them can determine your legal options going forward. This is another great reason to work with a DUI lawyer. Your lawyer can help you navigate your DUI case, while also preparing you for each session.

One thing that happens when you fight a DUI charge, is that the courts will conduct an arrest review. In addition to evaluating your case for any inaccuracies, it also provides you and your DUI lawyer with the necessary information to build your case. When you work with a knowledgeable New Jersey DUI lawyer, they can also help you build a defense based on the most common DUI defenses.

Potential DUI defenses include:

  • Improper stop during arrest
  • Failure to follow protocol
  • Malfunctioning breathalyzer
  • Improper testing and storage
  • Failure to read Miranda rights during an arrest
  • Driving under the influence while under duress
  • Driving under the influence due to a necessity
  • A mistake of fact

Your DUI defense lawyer will need to evaluate the details of your case. They will consider each of the available defenses and help you determine your legal options.

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