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Car Insurance and DUI Related Accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2018 | DWI Offenses, Firm News

How DUIs affect car insurance

When you have been involved in a DUI car accident there are many stressful and unfortunate issues that you will end up having to deal with with serious injuries and possible jail time being at the top of the list. One thing that may not jump out to you at first is the effect that the accident will have on your car insurance, although unfortunately once your rates go up and even whether you can still be insured or not this aspect will soon be sure to get your full attention. The consequences can vary by state but it is very possible that you could have your car insurance cancelled or your insurance company could even deny coverage of any personal injuries suffered or property damage claims that occurred as a result of your incident. Regardless, these are circumstances that are best navigated along with a knowledgeable attorney who can help make an extremely trying time easier for you.

Limited Coverage

Depending on your insurer it is possible that they will still agree to defend you for any damages relating to your DUI accident which for many is their best case scenario. However, if there are any claims of intentional misconduct your insurer will not help defend you in this type of scenario nor will they help pay for any damages relating to a charge of intentional misconduct. This can occur when a lawyer in a personal injury case involving a DUI adds the claim of intentional misconduct against the at-fault DUI driver, and if the jury ends up awarding the plaintiff damages for this intentional misconduct the insurance company of the driver who received the DUI will not help pay for these damages and they will have to pay them out of their own pocket.The insurance company may also decide to cancel your coverage completely because of your DUI conviction because they consider you a bad risk. There are some states that will not allow a company to legally drop you from their insurance because of a DUI but if you are in a state that allows it just be aware that if they can do it they will do it.

While having your policy is not a guarantee you can be certain that your insurance premiums will go way up once you are convicted of a DUI. Even if you plan to use a new company for your insurance you should know that they will be aware of your offense and will charge you very high premiums as well.

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