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Should I Expunge My Record?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

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After you’ve been convicted of a crime, everything you once knew was wiped away. But now that you’ve served your time and are eager to start fresh, you’re finding that nearly impossible. Despite having served your sentence and having grown from the experience, people still hold a bias toward those who have a criminal record. This stigma can negatively impact your reputation, relationships and employment prospects. An expungement can help you get the fresh start you deserve. Find out more below.

What is Expungement?

Simply put, an expungement allows someone who has been convicted of a crime to legally state that they have a clean record. Depending on the jurisdiction, an expungement may involve sealing the record from public view or eradicating it from the records. Whatever course of action is taken, the result is still the same.

How Do I Get an Expungement?

The first step in getting an expungement involves getting a copy of your criminal record. In New Jersey, there are only certain crimes that are eligible to be expunged. These include:

Violent crimes such as rape, sexual assault and murder cannot be expunged from your record.

Once it is determined that you are eligible for expungement, you must fill out a petition for expungement, order for a hearing and proof of notice. It’s important to note that any slight error in filling out your paperwork will result in a delay so it’s recommended that you consult with a criminal defense attorney who can make sure all of this paperwork is filled out and handled appropriately.

New Jersey signed a bill on December 19, 2019 that will allow individuals to seek an expungement online. While this is not fully operational as of yet, it is an option people will have moving forward.

What Are the Benefits of Expungement?

Most companies will ask an applicant if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime. Even if you say “no” when asked this question, the truth will come out when the company runs a background check on you prior to getting hired. This can jeopardize your opportunity to gain employment or severely limit the opportunities available to you in regards to interests and what kind of field you wish to work in. Criminal records can also negatively impact your ability to get a loan, secure housing or enroll in college.

If you believe expungement might be right for you, it’s important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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