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Bank Robber and His Partner Wind Up in Prison Together

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Bank Robber and His Partner Wind Up in Prison Together
It was announced by the United States Attorney General’s Office on October 10 that the second of two bank robbers who used a toy gun during a bank robbery spree in South Jersey in 2016 has been sentenced to 78 months in prison.

Sentencing came earlier in October at a federal court in Camden. The defendant, 29-year-old Nathan L. Wallace, pled guilty to three counts of bank robbery because of the crime spree. Wallace is from Vineland. The crime spree towards the end of 2016 began with a carjacking.

The partner for Wallace, 36-year-old Quintin L. Jones, was sentenced in September of this year to 100 months in prison for his role in the crime spree from 2016. Jones is also from Vineland. Jones helped Wallace rob two banks during the crime spree.

Wallace admitted to officials that he carjacked a Chrysler Sebring from the Mays Landing Walmart on September 22, 2016 using a toy gun that looked like a real revolver. Wallace said he pointed the gun at the driver of the vehicle.

Just two days after the carjacking Wallace used the car and the same toy gun to rob a branch of BB&T Bank in Buena Vista. Jones partnered with Wallace after the BB&T Bank robbery.

The two robbed two banks together on October 7, 2016 and October 11, 2016. The first bank they robbed together was a branch of the Newfield National Bank in Newfield and a branch of the Cape Bank in Upper Deerfield Township.

When both of these banks were robbed one of the two men brandished the toy gun to scare employees. They were able to use the Chrysler Sebring to escape both times with cash. The robbery of the Cape Bank netted them more than $24,900.

On October 15, 2016 the men lit a fire in the Chrysler Sebring to get rid of it at a parking lot for the Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove. The New Jersey State Police were the lead investigators of the fire and officers were able to track the car back to the carjacking and then to Wallace and Jones.

Investigators discovered that the men purchased a gas can at a Vineland Walmart and then used a taxi to get to a Wawa close to Parvin State Park to purchase gasoline before they lit the Chrysler Sebring on fire. A witness also saw Jones putting cash in a bag at a hotel on October 15 where he had been staying.

Warrants were acquired to search the residences of both men, as well as the hotel. The officers who conducted the search found the toy gun, cash, gloves, the Chrysler Sebring car key and clothes that match the description of what the men were wearing during the robberies.

Even though both men were sentenced, it is not known where they will be spending their lengthy sentences behind bars. Authorities did not say if either of the men implicated each other in the crimes. It also isn’t known if the full amount of cash taken from the Cape Bank robbery was recovered.

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