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What You Should Do if You Are Charged With a Crime on Thanksgiving Day in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

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The potential consequences that come with criminal charges in New Jersey can be stressful any time of the year. But, the change in business and court hours that occur over holiday weekends, including Thanksgiving, can make it an even more frustrating experience.

Most Common Crimes During the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Day brings an increase in criminal charges. These are a few of the most common charges:

  • Disorderly conduct: Disorderly conduct is one of the most common charges. This includes things like being disruptive, physical confrontations, public intoxication, and nuisances.
  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI): DWI charges also tend to increase over the Thanksgiving weekend. People are out celebrating the night before Thanksgiving and others, are consuming alcohol with Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Criminal assault: Many things also increase the occurrence of assault charges over the weekend. Drinking can lead to more fights. Additionally, disagreements or unresolved conflicts when visiting hometowns can lead to an increase in fights.
  • Criminal theft: Thanksgiving weekend is also one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. Some individuals may face criminal theft charges.

These types of charges can lead to criminal charges, as well as expensive fines, and even required jail time. If you are arrested, you may not be able to speak with a judge until the following Monday. If you are arrested Wednesday evening, this means you could be stuck in a jail cell for the entire, long weekend.

Unresolved criminal charges can also lead to ongoing consequences, like difficulty finding, or maintaining employment. When a potential employer runs a background check on you, it may show your criminal charges. Additionally, certain charges can make it difficult to receive student loans or to legally own a weapon.

Know Your Options This Thanksgiving Holiday

If you are dealing with criminal charges this Thanksgiving holiday, make sure you know your legal options. You have the right to call a criminal defense lawyer, even from jail. In fact, doing so may help you defend your case, potentially even leading to reduced charges. A criminal defense lawyer can help you in the following ways:

  • Work to get you out of jail: A lawyer may be able to get you released over the weekend, depending on the charges.
  • Prepare you for your trial dates: Criminal charges often have numerous trial dates including your arraignment, and other hearings. Your lawyer will help you navigate the system.
  • Negotiate a reduced sentence: Your defense lawyer will also work to negotiate a reduced sentence with the prosecutor, working toward reduced charges.
  • Build your criminal defense: Depending on the details of your case, there may be a criminal defense available. However, it is important to discuss your case with a lawyer as soon as possible. It takes time to consider the different available defenses and then to build your case.

It is important to take the right steps to avoid criminal charges. However, if you do find that you are dealing with charges, then you will need a lawyer who will fight for your rights.

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