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Route 80 Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Earlier in June of 2017, a drunken driver struck a motorcycle driver, leading to his death. The incident occurred around dusk on June 3rd of 2017, where a woman of Clifton, aged 42, stuck a man, aged 32. He was from Somerset. The drunk driver was charged with both vehicular manslaughter, as well as driving while intoxicated.

The man was riding on a Suzuki scooter, a little smaller than that of a full-size motorcycle, while riding on Route 80 westbound. It was 6:52 pm when the call was made of a fatal accident on the highway; ambulances arrived within minutes. The drunk driver was driving a Nissan Rogue near the milepost 47.5 in Montville, New Jersey. Both vehicles were traveling in the same direction, but exact details on the crash were not completely covered.

What is known, is that the victim was thrown from the bike traveling at a fast speed, and was then taken to St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville, where he was then pronounced dead. It is not known whether or not the woman was under the influence of anything besides alcohol, but the charges thus far only state she was driving under the influence of alcohol.

In the case of this kind of fatal accident, a drunk driver like the female driver likely came to the realization that there was now a lot at stake to lose because of not only the drunk driving charge, but also the vehicular homicide charge. In this case, a well-qualified attorney could possibly save her from a lot more charges, and the extent of the charges. At Stephen Piper Law, Stephen Piper has helped countless people facing DUI and DWI charges. He will do everything in his power to assist you and your charges. Contact Stephen Piper today to schedule a consultation.


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