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Domestic Abuse Case Leads to Death of a Child

On Father’s Day of 2017, a father in Brooklyn beat his young toddler, fracturing her skull. During the day on June 18th, the police in Brooklyn received a phone call from the baby’s mother to report the father beating their kid. This is when things got ugly.

The father, aged 19, was reported to police for beating his child, a sixteen-month-old toddler, and bashing her head with his fists. The injuries were later confirmed to be a fractured skull. The attack took place during the family’s home. When the child’s mother went to dial for help, the father then attacked her as well, leaving non-life-threatening injuries. After the father finished beating both the mother and the toddler, he fled, only to be met by police a short time later.

Initially, the father was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child, though the charges are likely to get much worse. Friday, June 23rd at 10:40 am, the toddler died due to injuries sustained from the father during the attack. She was pronounced dead at the Maimonides Medical Center that Friday morning. The medical staff spoke out about the death of the toddler, wishing their condolences to the family and anyone who was close with the family.

A spokeswoman for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office claimed that they are planning to seek to upgrade the charges in the grand jury, meaning the father will likely face far worse charges.

Unfortunately, domestic violence happens all too often. Sometimes only minor injuries arise from the issue, while other times much worse can come out of it. If you or a loved one has faced a case of domestic violence, it is important to seek out a well-qualified attorney who is able to help your case. At Stephen Piper Law, Mr. Piper is ready to assist you. He deals with countless cases of criminal defense, including domestic violence cases. Contact today to schedule a consultation.


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