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Category Archives: Family Law

Active Duty Service Members – Where Should I File for Divorce?

Military Divorces in New Jersey When someone is in the military, there rules regarding divorce that apply to the service member and their spouse. Oftentimes those in the armed forces move often and don’t have residency in the state that they are stationed currently. Ultimately, knowing where to file for divorce when you’re an active… […]

One Home Following a Willingboro, NJ Divorce: The New Trend of ‘Birdnesting’

Getting a divorce is stressful enough. Add in children and it can be downright overwhelming for everyone involved, especially the kids. Most divorces wind up leading to the children being uprooted from everything they have come to know and love. But, there’s a new trend out there known as ‘birdnesting,’ where the family home remains… […]

What You Can Expect to Pay in Alimony Following a Divorce

Alimony is one of the most emotional issues a divorcing couple has to deal with because it ties you to your now former spouse even after the divorce is finalized. The issue becomes even more heated when the person receiving the alimony payments is the same person who initiated the divorce. Add in the fact… […]

Spend Less on Wedding, Research Advises

Recent research suggests that couples who spend lavishly on their wedding day festivities are actually more likely to get divorced in the future than couples who restrict their wedding budget. Experts Suggest Ditching the Expensive Wedding and Splurging on the Honeymoon Over 3,000 weddings and marriages were analyzed by economics professors Hugo M. Mialon and… […]

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Although divorces can often be contentious and involve bitter disputes over issues like alimony and child custody, not all divorces are combative. In fact, sometimes the divorce process goes very smoothly because the parties’ attorneys can work out the details in advance. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to resolve your split amicably… […]


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