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One Home Following a Willingboro, NJ Divorce: The New Trend of ‘Birdnesting’

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Family Law, Firm News

birdnesting divorce nj

Getting a divorce is stressful enough. Add in children and it can be downright overwhelming for everyone involved, especially the kids. Most divorces wind up leading to the children being uprooted from everything they have come to know and love. But, there’s a new trend out there known as ‘birdnesting,’ where the family home remains in tact and the divorced parents take turns living there with the children. Let’s take a deeper look at this new trend in today’s post so you know your options should you decide it’s time for a divorce.

Nesting in Moorestown, NJ

Nesting has become a more popular option these days for parents who divorce with young children. Not only do they keep the family home, they also have an apartment or other residence that they share. When one parent is living in the family home with the children the other parent is living in the apartment and vice versa. The benefit of nesting is that the children are not exposed to changes in their environment that can lead to a multitude of psychological and other problems.

This new trend works the best for couples who are going through an amicable divorce and who only nest for a short period. Many experts believe that this should not be done for more than a period of six months. Give the children enough time to adjust to the fact that their parents no longer live together in the same house and then make the switch to a more concrete solution. Other experts believe nesting for no more than three months is the best method.

‘The shock of the painful news to the children is softened by a brief transitional period in which the kids’ environmental surroundings remain the same and the only change is the presence of one parent or the other, versus both [parents] at the same time,” says Dr. Fran Walfish, a psychotherapist in an interview with NBC News BETTER. “Any longer than a period of three months of nesting risks giving your children an inaccurate message that [the parents] are working on reconciliation. All children of divorce fantasize and wish for their parents to work things out and return to being a complete family unit.”

Best Nesting Options in Maple Shade, NJ

The best options for nesting to work involve an extremely amicable divorce and a short period for the nesting. For example, conduct nesting for the rest of your child’s year in eighth grade or the remainder of their senior year in high school. Making this situation work for all involved can benefit the children immensely. They can remain in their current schools and keep their developed social circles without having to worry about making new friends in a new town and school.

Nesting is the best option available for parents who are divorcing. They don’t have to force the kids to move to a new home, change schools, see the parents fight or endure any other troubling situations that could alter their life at such a young age.

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