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Can Police Misconduct in New Jersey Impact Sentencing?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Can Police Misconduct in New Jersey Impact Sentencing?

One Spring Lake Heights mother, Eileen Cassidy, tells her story about how one police sergeant’s misconduct lead to her spending an unfair 22 days in jail.

How Police Misconduct in New Jersey Could Lead to Unfair Sentencing

In Cassidy’s case, one police sergeant was negligent in properly testing and maintaining the department’s breathalyzers. According to Cassidy and her attorney, the police sergeant’s misconduct directly resulted in a breathalyzer machine that is unreliable. Cassidy was confused when the breathalyzer machine appeared to “prove” her intoxication level, so she decided to plead guilty without much of a defense. She ended up spending 22 days in jail despite her alleged innocence. It was later revealed that the police sergeant falsified documents to show a breathalyzer had been properly tested when he had never actually performed the tests. While the sergeant’s case is still pending, at least 20,000 individuals tested with the potentially inaccurate DWI breathalyzer machines.

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Due to New Jersey’s laws, officers previously accused of misconduct or dishonesty may remain on the police force. While other states require licensing for officers, New Jersey has no method or legal way of banning ‘bad’ cops. A dishonest or negligent cop can lead to unfair sentencing, so it’s important that this serious issue be addressed. If you’ve been charged with a crime in New Jersey, then you need to hire a strong legal defense attorney who can protect your rights and defend your case. The criminal defense attorney Stephen R. Piper is prepared to help you. Contact him online today for more information about his services.

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