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New Jersey Legislators Consider New Marijuana Bills

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Drug Crimes, Firm News

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The Chairman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Representative Annette Quijano, has proposed three new bills regarding the state’s take on marijuana. The entire nation has seen a great increase in public support for decriminalizing and potentially legalizing marijuana, and New Jersey is no different. These newly proposed bills seek to improve the economic opportunities of individuals who have already been convicted of marijuana crimes, and the measures would help the state prepare for further legalization efforts.

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Representative Quijano strongly believes clearing the records of marijuana users will help them access better employment opportunities, loans for higher education and affordable housing programs. These bills seek to expunge cannabis possession convictions and remove the criminal stigma attached to those convicted of marijuana-related crimes. In addition, the package of bills proposed creating a tax credit program for marijuana-related businesses in urban areas. The suggested five-year program is called “New Jersey Green Development and Growth Program”. Finally, the bills hope to establish a new advisory board that can make appropriate recommendations for police dogs trained to sniff out drugs. If marijuana is legalized or decriminalized in the future, then these dogs will need to be retrained.

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Many of these proposed bills are recommendations based on progress being made in Nevada. Similar bills have been previously introduced in New Jersey, but many of these efforts include suggestions for legalization. Although these measures are being debated, marijuana possession and use is still criminalized at the state and federal level. Drug convictions may result in imprisonment, fines, probation and limited future opportunities. As a former prosecutor, Criminal defense attorney Stephen R. Piper understands how devastating and life-changing a drug conviction can be. He has assisted hundreds of clients facing drug charges, and he is willing to take on your case if you are facing similar circumstances. To contact the Law Office of Stephen R. Piper, call 856-351-5335 now.