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Investigation of Fatal Hit and Run Results in Two Arrests

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Police recently arrested two women and seized over $1 million in cash and assets as part of an investigation into a hit and run accident that left a 59 year old man dead, according to a recent article at

The two women were arrested and charged with money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The conspiracy charges also include the man arrested in connection with the fatal hit and run as an alleged co-conspirator, according to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

Police say that they seized over $250,000 in cash and over $40,000 in gold from the safety deposit box of one of the women, along with a Mercedes Benz. A search of the other woman’s safety deposit box revealed $75,000 in cash and two diamond rings, according to police.

After the hit and run accident, police searched the suspect’s home, where they say they discovered cash, diamonds, jewelry, and other luxury items. They also allegedly discovered a fake ID and plane tickets for several international destinations.

The suspect in the hit and run eventually turned himself in, but the discoveries made when police searched his home caused them to widen their investigation. The broader investigation resulted in the arrest of the two women in late 2017, according to prosecutors.

The suspect charged in the fatal hit and run accident has been charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident and money laundering, according to the Hudson County prosecutor. He is being detained until trial.

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