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Bystander Injured During Police Chase Sues Jersey City for $25 Million

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

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A West New York resident whom police pulled out of a burning vehicle during a car chase has filed an official notice of intent to sue Jersey City and the police department, according to a recent article at The man claims that police used “excessive force” when they allegedly pulled him from the vehicle, kicked him in the head, and handcuffed him in an ambulance without probable cause.

The accident involving the West New York man occurred in June 2017, when police attempted to question a shooting suspect in a Greenville neighborhood. The suspect attempted to flee in his vehicle, which police chased, firing shots that resulted in a gunshot wound to the man’s leg, according to police.

The chase ended when the suspect’s car collided with the West New York man’s vehicle, causing the latter vehicle to catch fire. Police video captured at the scene appears to show an officer kicking the West New York man in the face as he climbed from the burning car.

The legal notice states that the man suffered severe burns, leg injuries, broken ribs, and injuries to his back, arms, and head “as a result of being beaten, dragged, and handcuffed.” It also says that the man has been unable to return to work since his injuries occurred.

The three police officers involved currently face a 25-count grand jury indictment related to their conduct that night. The charges include attempted murder, official misconduct, and other offenses.

While television shows scenes of thrilling police chases after “the bad guy,” in real life, these chases are highly dangerous. Injuries to bystanders can become part of a case’s mythos, injuring the reputation of anyone arrested in connection to the situation and, in some situations, even becoming part of a dispute in the court case itself.

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