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Consequences of Juvenile Crimes on Halloween Night

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Firm News, Juvenile Crimes

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Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays for children and teens. While some children look forward to the piles of candy they can collect, others look forward to a night of mischief with their friends. Unfortunately, a little teenage mischief on Halloween can lead to permanent, life-changing, criminal charges.

The Most Common Crimes Committed By Teens on Halloween

Halloween is often associated with mischief and spookiness. These are just a few of the most common juvenile crimes that occur on Halloween:

  • Theft: Teens may think it is harmless to steal their neighbor’s decorations, but this can lead to criminal theft charges.
  • Assault: Disagreements with other teens, or adults, can lead to criminal assault charges.
  • Distribution of alcohol to minors: Supplying alcohol to a minor can lead to distribution of alcohol charges.
  • Trespassing: Some teens may receive trespassing charges in search of a spooky Halloween, by trespassing onto neighbor’s property.
  • Use or possession of illegal drugs: Halloween parties can lead to the use and possession of illegal drugs, leaving teens with criminal drug charges.
  • Solicitation of alcohol: Asking someone to purchase alcohol when underage can lead to solicitation of alcohol charges.

These are just a few of the potential charges that a teen can face. Many of them lead to significant legal charades and may follow them into their adult years.

Consequences of Juvenile Criminal Charges

Criminal charges can be life-changing regardless of your age, but children and teens who receive these charges may lose out on many future opportunities. Just a few of the potential consequences for juvenile criminal charges include:

  • Suspension or expulsion from school
  • Suspension or revocation of driver’s license
  • Inability to pursue careers in certain industries
  • Inability to take out student loans
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of a scholarship
  • Juvenile detention
  • A permanent criminal record

The charges and associated consequences that you can expect vary, depending on many factors. A few of these factors include whether the teen has a prior criminal record, details of the charges, type of charges, and the age of the teen. While some of these charges may drop when the teen reaches adult age, many will not. These criminal charges can stay with them for the rest of this life.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer May Help

A single mistake as a teen can leave you with life-changing consequences. Fortunately, your teen may have options available. Some states, including New Jersey, have first-time offender programs available. These programs may reduce charges in return for probation or attendance in a drug or alcohol class. A criminal defense lawyer can help you and your family determine if your teen is eligible for any of these programs. The risk of juvenile criminal charges is too great to ignore. It is important to take action and to give your teen the best chance possible. Don’t let one mistake ruin the rest of their life.

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