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The Criminal Justice Process: A Brief Overview Before The Trial

What to Expect After Being Arrested for a Crime in NJ If you or a loved one is arrested on suspicion of a crime, it can be a scary and traumatizing time. But knowing how the charging process happens can give the accused and their family some direction and peace of mind. Here is a… […]

How To Avoid a Speeding Ticket This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner. In addition to the increase of travelers on the road, there will also be more police. They will be looking for things like drinking and driving and speeding. Some areas may even have speed traps, which can lead to expensive tickets and the inconvenience of being pulled over.… […]

Memorial Day Drunk Driving Charges

Memorial Day is the official start of summer for many. Memorial Day celebrations often include BBQs by the water. A lot of people will also celebrate with a cold drink or two. Before you kick off your summer, consider how a drunk driving charge can affect you, as well as how to handle it if… […]

Length Of A Restraining Order In NJ

A restraining order can have a lasting impact on your life. While it may or may not have been justified at the time, a long-lasting restraining order can continue to affect your job, reputation, and family life. Continue reading to find out how long a restraining order lasts in New Jersey. New Jersey Assigns Restraining… […]

Penalty for Endangering the Welfare of a Child in NJ

New Jersey, as well as every other state, expects parents to keep their children protected and out of harm’s way. When they fail to do this, even if it is considered an accident, they can be criminally charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Continue reading to find out what the consequences are of… […]


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