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Relocating your child during a military divorce in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2024 | Family Law

Military divorces come with unique challenges, especially when it comes to relocating children. If you are considering moving your child during or after a military divorce in New Jersey, it can be helpful to follow some steps as you plan the process to ensure legal compliance.

Understanding the relocation process

Relocating a child during a military divorce in New Jersey involves understanding and following specific legal procedures. A relocation will require court approval. The parent wishing to move must provide a valid reason for the relocation, such as a new job opportunity or moving closer to family for support. The court evaluates whether the move is in the child’s best interest.

Filing a relocation request

To relocate, you must file a relocation request with the court. This request should include details about the move, such as the new location, reasons for relocating, and how it will benefit the child. Additionally, you need to propose a new visitation schedule that allows the other parent to maintain a relationship with the child.

Considering the child’s best interest

The court’s primary concern is the child’s best interest. Factors considered include the child’s relationship with both parents, the impact of the move on the child’s education and social life, and the reasons for the move. The parent requesting relocation must demonstrate how the move will positively affect the child’s well-being.

Navigating child relocation during a military divorce

Military families can prepare for unique challenges and work towards a solution that supports the child’s well-being. Stay informed and proactive to ensure a smooth relocation process.