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Trenton Man Holds Neighborhood Hostage

In the beginning of May, a standoff occurred on Centre Street and caused a portion of the block to be evacuated.  The suspect involved had killed a bystander and wounded several police officers during the incident that sparked the standoff.  A large crowd formed during the 35-hour standoff between the man and police as they negotiated with him to give up.

Tensions High

There was a great deal of tension occurring among the crowd outside of the police barricades watching and waiting to see what would happen.  As the suspect had killed an innocent bystander and injured three police officers, there were worries in the crowd that there wouldn’t be a peaceful ending to this situation.  In light of the spate of recent police shootings, many were worried that the man would be shot and killed by police.

In fact, some individuals tried to get around the barrier placed by police around the scene.  This occurred after a tactical vehicle that had a forklift attachment moved some of the cars from in front of the home the suspect was holed up in.  These individuals reported themselves to be some of the family of the suspect and were intercepted before they could venture too far into the staging area of the police.

Peaceful Resolve

At the 35th hour, the situation was resolved with the suspect surrendering to police.  The entire crowd that had gathered outside of the police barricades was able to breathe a sigh of relief that no one else was hurt during this incident.  In fact, the crowd was so loud it took a bit for the announcement to be heard by the state trooper in charge.

This situation was precipitated by a man that felt he had nowhere to turn when things got bad.  This doesn’t have to be the case for you.  It’s important to contact a knowledgeable and expert lawyer with a proven criminal case history.  Contact us today to set up your own no-fee consultation appointment with a lawyer that will fight for you.


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