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Nightclub Killing Incident Leads to Beginning of Trial for Suspect


Have you ever been out in public and had an altercation with someone else escalate quickly? If so, you might even be facing criminal charges for a situation that got out of hand. If this is the case, a lawyer can help you.

Jury selection recently began for a man who is accused of killing someone outside a nightclub in New Jersey. The 36-year-old man accused of this was waiting in line outside a nightclub on East State Street when the incident happened. Another resident confronted that man when he tried to cut the line.

When the defendant was confronted, he reached into his waistband and shot the other man directly in the head. The defendant was later arrested in his apartment during which time he gave an alibi to police officers. However, the alibi witness contradicted his statements, leading him to be accused. He was arrested at that time and given $1 million in bail. His criminal defense attorney has worked since then to attempt to lower the bail amount.

If you have been accused of murder or any other violent crime, retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney may be the only way to protect your interests. Bail may be set unreasonably high such that you are unable to pay it and may be in jail for the duration. This can be an unnerving experience particularly when you have recently been accused of a violent crime.

A criminal defense attorney may step in on your behalf and argue to have bail reduced. At the Law Offices of Stephen R. Piper, you’ll know that you have an advocate working hard on your behalf to explore all potential defenses to these allegations and to protect you from unreasonably high bail. Contact his offices today at 856-351-5335 to schedule your initial consultation.


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