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Body Cams on Police Reveal Arrest Procedure in Brutality Suit


Body cams are becoming increasingly popular with police departments as concerns over brutality and illegal search and seizures have grown in the past several years. Body cams capture the moments when an officer interacts with another person and can prove fruitful in illustrating that the police did or did not overstep their bounds.

An epileptic man, who was arrested, later filed a police brutality lawsuit when a body cam on the police officer captured the arrest. The epileptic man was arrested by police but began having a seizure shortly thereafter. According to the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, the disoriented state of a person going through a seizure may make it difficult for others to talk to him.

With a complex partial seizure, it is common for the afflicted person to fail to realize where they are or the questions that are being asked of him. According to the brutality suit, police officers found the man on the street after a seizure two years ago and he was pepper sprayed and then ended up in a hospital with numerous injuries. This led to a brutality suit, alleging $2 million in damages, arguing that the officers engaged in merciless assault and used excessive force when his seizure symptoms made him incapable of following the orders given to him. The officers at the scene were wearing body cameras that captured the incident.

Anyone with a serious medical condition such as seizures can be unable to control themselves or understand what is happening if they are being arrested. If police officers have violated your rights, however, this can have a major impact on your criminal case. Talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney is strongly recommended if you find yourself in this situation. To protect your rights, hire attorney Stephen R. Piper to fight hard on your behalf. Contact his office today at 856-351-5335.

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