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Top 4 Biggest Cyber Crimes in New Jersey

As computers and the connections they facilitate become ever more commonplace in our lives, so do the criminal charges that New Jersey residents may face for certain types of computer and online activities. Here are the top four most common “cyber crime” charges in New Jersey in 2016, according to a report by NJ.com.

Compromised email accounts

292 New Jersey residents reported to police in 2016 that their email accounts were compromised by parties who allegedly attempted to use those accounts to perform unauthorized wire transfer payments. The NJ.com report estimates that New Jersey residents lost $8.69 million in such schemes last year alone.

Romance or confidence fraud

When it involves simply creating a fake persona or profile to gain someone else’s confidence or to manipulate their affections, it’s called “catfishing.” However, according to 261 reports filed by alleged victims in 2016, the stakes were higher: the reports claim that individuals were tricked into giving up money, valuables, or sensitive personal information in these romance or confidence fraud schemes.

Non-payment or non-delivery of goods

This scheme, which has existed since well before the Internet was created, can go either way: a person may ship goods to a buyer who never pays, or may send money to a seller who never delivers. In either case, 1,973 New Jersey residents alleged $3 million in losses in 2016 due to non-payment or non-delivery over the Internet, according to NJ.com.

“Nigerian prince” transfers

While these have become something of a joke, 606 New Jersey residents claimed in 2016 they’d fallen for one: these fraudulent transfers typically involve a request that a person send money, banking information, or similar information to help move money out of a foreign country (such as Nigeria) in exchange for some of that money.

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